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Subject: Re: [geda-user] Find rat lines
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On 14/12/2012 02:03, Peter Clifton wrote:
> It is really important that we can handle the "it's already shorted"
> case with the algorithm.
> This is important for the reasons DJ mentioned (e.g. bulk moves /
> breakage), but ALSO, for netlist changes driven from the schematic.
> Lets say I have all my ICs connected to a common power-rail, but later I
> decide to split some sensitive analogue parts onto their own rail,
> filtered with a pi-network or similar.
> Bang.. all pre-assigned nets are wrong, and you get to keep the broken
> pieces.

I don't see why this is a problem.  A netlist change should surely
affect only pins, not existing track segments regardless of net
association.  The result would be that following a netlist update all
the changed pins would show as being shorted to the existing track
because the netname is different.

To resolve the newly identified shorts, the user would select the
appropriate tracks and change the net association to the new netname.
This should reduce the short to a single point where tracks for the two
power rails meet, and which is probably where you want to break that
connection to place a new footprint.

To my mind this seems entirely fair and reasonable.

Chris Smith <cjs94 AT zepler DOT net>

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