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Hi all,

another friend of mine with background in physics proposed an interesting 
solution based on springs.

Take our connection graph (with all the extra nodes for junctions) and 
replace line segments with springs. Take all pins of net1 and place them 
at -1;0 and take all pins of net2 and place them in +1;0 and place all the 
junctions in 0;0. Add sufficient friction to avoid oscillation then 
release the system and run the simulation until sum of spring energy 
changes less than Epsilon between two iterations. Draw a verticla line at 
0;0 - what sprins it cuts are the edges we are looking for.

This approach is too complicated for me to verify with examples without 
implementing a prototype, but I can imagine something like this could 
work. IIRC grpahviz's dot rendering does something similar to optimize 
placing of edges and minimize overall size.



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