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Eugene Mikhantiev <mikhantiev AT gmail DOT com>

> Hi, all!
> I have a question about the new print dialog. 
> Old versions of gschem generates monochrome output when printing to
> pdf. Output generated by current stable version is colored.
> Is there any possibility to make gschem generate monochrome pdf? Or by
> now monochrome PDFs can be done only by PDF postprocessing?

The following applies only to people running gEDA/gaf 1.9.x.

1) To generate a monochrome PDF file, you don't need to bother with
gschem at all; just run:

  gaf export -o foo.pdf foo.sch

Or to get a colour PDF:

  gaf export -co foo.pdf foo.sch

2) To force gschem to print in monochrome, add:

  (print-color "disabled")

to your ~/.gEDA/gschemrc file.  In theory, gschem should detect if
you're printing to a BW printer and just Do The Right Thing, but I
haven't actually tested that.


Peter Brett <peter AT peter-b DOT co DOT uk>
Remote Sensing Research Group
Surrey Space Centre

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