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Markus Hitter <mah AT jump-ing DOT de> schrieb am 10. December 2012:

> Do you guys never import a bunch of new or renamed components with (x)=20
> gschem2pcb?

I usually set Settings->Import_New_Elements_at to "Crosshair" and click
to some free space in the Viewport. I also habitually set the attribute
"Set_Dispersion" to zero. That way, all new components land on top of
each other. They don't scatter all over the place.

BTW, do we really have to call the 2D patterns in a layout "components"?
I get the impression that the rest of the world calls this collection of
lines and polygons in copper and silk a "footprint". To them, a
component is the three dimensional object soldered to the pcb.=20

> When I actually need the behaviour described above, I open the log =20
> window and hit O after about every change.=20

This calls for an (optionally) automated call. For some reason, I can't
seem to find an "optimize-nets" action in the pcb manual. Is there
none? Or am I just blind?=20

> Shorts can be seen at a =20
> glance, they produce more text that just a "x ratlines remaining".

The user still has to be aware of this. Probably every new user must
have taken hits by unnoticed shorts before he or she starts looking at
the log window. In line with the principle of least surprise, I'd
advocate for a more offensive warning in the form of a pop-up dialog.
This dialog may contain an option to not show again at the current
session. That way, it also plays nice with users who deliberately produce
shorts while routing. The option should be settable in preferences, too.

Kai-Martin Knaak

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