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Subject: Re: [geda-user] Router fun with rubberbands
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I started going through your code as well, its a lot more approachable than
Anthony's for sure.  I know GTS is sort of dead, very sad.  I still like it
better than CGAL in some ways though, its simpler to interface as you say.
And if its only needed for the delaunay traingulation there is the possibility
to cut the dependency on any geometry library at some point.


On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 8:10 AM, Stefan Salewski <mail AT ssalewski DOT de> wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-12-07 at 14:34 +0100, Kai-Martin Knaak wrote:
>> Stefan Salewski wrote:
>> > I just fixed some trivial bugs of my toy router and put some pictures on
>> > my page:
>> >
>> Cool.
>> Just curious: Is there any reltion to the topo router project that was
>> started during Google summer of code?
>> I hope, your project is going fly!
>> ---<)kaimartin(>---
> There are only some indirect relations to Anthony's router:
> -- I was impressed by his pictures
> -- I use GTS library for delaunay triangulation as he did
> Thats all -- I looked some hours at his code, but I was only able to
> understand very small portions. The main problem for me was, that I was
> not able to see relations between his code and the papers. He made much
> use of functions of the GTS library, while I use that library only for
> the initial delaunay triangulation. Indeed, it was my impression that he
> followed not very close the papers and the PhD thesis of Tal Dayan. I
> think that Anthony is a very smart person and he has coded much of his
> own ideas. One problem is that low level C language makes it really very
> difficult to develop and debug such type of router.
> Currently I am investigating switching from GTS library to CGAL. GTS is
> plain C, so it was easy for me to code a Ruby interface for the Delaunay
> part. But GTS mailing list is inactive since May 2012 -- my subscription
> failed, and the original authors is not really interested. GTS is ok for
> me, I do only need the initial constrained delaunay triangulation,
> exactly the neighbor vertices for each vertex. But I think I will have a
> look at CGAL in the next weeks, its a large C++ library. Bindings to
> other languages are not really well supported, there is some basic
> support for Java and Python. I read that CGAL makes use of templates,
> which makes it difficult to build bindings which support all the
> functionality. I don't know enough about C++ to build direct bindings
> (Java and Python uses SWIG for the bindings), but with some plain C glue
> code it should be possible.
> I hope there is nothing wrong with the CGAL license, seems to be dual
> GPL and commercial. That should be OK, but there is a strange fork
> project site available:
> Maybe it is only a mirror with GPL license, I have to investigate that.
> Best regards
> Stefan Salewski

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