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Subject: Re: [geda-user] Find rat lines
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Markus Hitter wrote:

>> I experience that in recent PCB (git HEAD) pressing the F key doesn't
>> highlight the unrouted rat lines.
> To be honest, I wasn't aware of such a function. Now, knowing about
> it, I can't imagine what's the advantage over the O key, optimize rats.

Different function.

[o] causes PCB to update all rats.

[f] adds all connections to the object under the mouse cursor to the list 
of "found" objects. This includes rats and all connected copper. During 
manual routing this is handy. It highlights where a net is supposed to go.

By the way, the description of some options in the select menu is a bit 
misleading. The buttons "Select-all-connected-nets" and "Unselect-all-
connected-nets" do not actually determine the connection of objects. 
Instead, they work on objects in the list of found objects. Depending on 
how this list was established, these objects may or may not be nets and 
they may or may not be connected. 

IIRC, I wrote a (rather trivial) patch that changes the description to:
* "Select found objects"
* "Unselect found objects"

Unfortunately, this patch seems to have been lost. Should I repost?

> As I'm always a fan of the K.I.S.S. principle, would help a slight
> change in habits make this F stuff entirely obsolete? Allow the rat
> to be removed right after being routed?

Some kind of auto-update rats would be more than welcome. IMHO, desktops 
are more than powerful enough to handle this task fluently, these days.


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