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On 05/25/2012 05:36 PM, Rob Butts wrote:
> How do you git it (GIT)?  Seriously, does it involve a lot of 
> linux/unix command knowledge?
Git is a very versatile version control system.  Unfortunately, it is 
not backwards compatible with subversion or any of its predecessors, 
although there are packages which enable conversion from subversion to 
git.  Git was developed by Linux Tovalds himself about eight years ago I 
think.  Git found widespread use because it is very easy to create 
development branches with it.  It is a good choice of a version-control 
system for gEDA (the best in my opinion) because gEDA's files are ASCII.

The free e-book, also available in print from APress, is a good way to 
get started with git:

Git also runs on Windows and,  I think, Mac.

Hope this helps.

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