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00:57:26 Re: [geda-user] -> migration status (Jared Casper)
02:49:43 [geda-user] odd battery clip (David Griffith)
04:33:00 Re: [geda-user] odd battery clip (Stephen Ecob)
06:40:26 Re: [geda-user] odd battery clip (Alexis Phoenix)
08:29:42 [geda-user] Pollution of gedasymbols (Stefan Salewski)
10:52:40 Re: [geda-user] Pollution of gedasymbols (Colin D Bennett)
10:59:17 Re: [geda-user] repetitive circuits (John Griessen)
11:03:01 Re: [geda-user] Pollution of gedasymbols (John Griessen)
12:25:55 Re: [geda-user] Pollution of gedasymbols (DJ Delorie)
16:12:52 Re: [geda-user] odd battery clip (David Griffith)
17:52:41 Re: [geda-user] odd battery clip (Colin D Bennett)

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