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On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 11:52:24AM -0700, David Griffith wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Mar 2012, Patrick Bernaud wrote:
> >Hi David,
> >
> >David Griffith writes:
> >> I'm trying to read a very old .pcb file dating from 1995 with PCB version
> >> 20091103.  This results in a segfault.  Would someone please take a look
> >> at and help me out?
> >
> >It does not like a layer with an empty name: if you edit your file
> >and set a name for layer 5 (line 1237) pcb will open your design.
> >
> >pcb from master has the same behaviour.
> Got it.  Thanks!  Shouldn't PCB catch this sort of thing and
> complain instead of segfaulting?

Yes. If someone is so inclined, please file a bug about this.

In any case, I'm keeping this thread around in my inbox until I can
get a chance to look at it. (But this may not be for a few months -
I am very busy with school. I haven't even asked for commit access
since the server move...)

Or maybe somebody has already fixed it? I have not checket git HEAD
in a month or so.

Andrew Poelstra
Email: asp11 at OR apoelstra at
"You shouldn't trust every quote you read on the Internet." -- Socrates

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