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Subject: Re: [geda-user] Daughter's Science Fair
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2012/3/16 Rob Butts <r DOT butts2 AT gmail DOT com>:
> My nine-year-old daughter has a science fair tomorrow. We are doing simple
> electromagnets out of nails. We are just using one C battery with
> approximately a30-penny nail and 26 guage wire wrapped around the nail for
> two layers. When the battery is connected the nail has a good magnetic
> strength in that it will pick up another nail not just paper clips.
> I was thinking about showing how a current in one coil will induce a current
> in another (how an electric toothbrush charges). We rigged up another nail
> the same way but with a little bulb attached. Check my theory, shouldn't
> the electromagnetic field produced by the coil and nail with the battery
> induce a current in the other coil when placing the nails adjacent
> andparallel?

I have an ideas:
Use a longer nail and wrap two coils on the same nail, one coil will
be connected to the battery with a switch while the other one will be
connected to a small bulb. When you turn on/off the switch see what

Best regards,

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