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02:24:06 =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3A=20PCB=20=2D=20moving=20already=20routed=20objects?= (=?us-ascii?Q?Vaclav=20Peroutka?=)
06:52:33 Re: PCB - moving already routed objects (Peter Clifton)
10:59:55 [geda-user] OT: PSoC from Cypress (Abhijit Kshirsagar)
12:12:47 [geda-user] gEDA-user: Electromagnetic bike (Rob Butts)
14:39:01 Re: [geda-user] gEDA-user: Electromagnetic bike (Andrew Poelstra)
16:18:21 [geda-user] Oscopy 0.70 released (Arnaud Gardelein)
16:58:24 [geda-user] Re: PCB - moving already routed objects (Kai-Martin)
17:17:36 Re: [geda-user] Oscopy 0.70 released (Russell Dill)
22:09:43 [geda-user] wikipedia "Comparison of EDA Software" (Kai-Martin)
23:16:57 Re: [geda-user] wikipedia "Comparison of EDA Software" (Andrew Poelstra)

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