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Subject: ANNOUNCE: DJGPP port of Emacs 26.2 uploaded
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The DJGPP build of GNU Emacs version 26.2 is available from the DJGPP

Emacs 26 is a product of 1.5 years of development (4 years, if you
count since Emacs 24, the previous version whose DJGPP port was made
available on DJGPP sites).  It includes numerous changes and
improvements, see the file etc/NEWS in the distribution for the full
list of user-visible changes.

Version 26.2 is a bugfix release on the current stable branch.

The binaries were built on Windows XP using GCC 3.4.6 and DJGPP
library version 2.05.  No DJGPP-specific changes of the upstream
sources were necessary, as GNU Emacs (still) supports a DJGPP build
out of the box.

Please use the djgpp AT delorie DOT com forum for any discussions related to
this build and to using DJGPP Emacs in general.

Please report bugs to bug-gnu-emacs AT gnu DOT org, the GNU Emacs bug


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