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Hello Juan Manue, and thank your for your quick reply.

I would like to add a note:

Il giorno venerdì 5 maggio 2017 20:54:20 UTC+2, Juan Manuel Guerrero ha scritto:
> Am 05.05.2017 15:27, schrieb Arrigo Marchiori:
> > Dear All,
> >
> > I am writing here to report a bug, as I could not do it through the web site.
> I also have usually neither TZ set nor djtzn205 installed and can verify the
> bug described by the poster.  An inspection of ctime.c from the repository
> shows that the implementation has the different bugs described in the post
> leading to random timestamp around 1969-12-24 for my installation.
> IMO, the fix proposed is correct and it solves the problems as explained.

I understood from the comments in DJGPP's ctime.c that the source is from BSD. Therefore, I consulted the correspondant file from the FreeBSD source code, that is contrib/tzcode/localtime.c :

In that file:
 - the stdoffset variable is set explicitly to zero (second modification in the patch) and 
 - the defaulttype attribute is not defined, but its value is calculated every time.

Thank you and best regards,

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