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I built and installed binutils-2.28 (and gcc-7.1.0) from the other day, assuming it would be identical to the djgpp release. Turns out, the linker scripts it installs are somewhat different - they don't define the "_environ" symbol, which caused undefined reference errors when linking with libc.

Anyhow, just curious, why aren't these packages kept in sync with the "official" gnu releases?

>The linker script has been adapted to discard LTO sections created by the
>compiler if the -flto flag is passed to the compiler.  This is due to LTO
>specific file names that are not 8.3 clean especially if the -save-temps
>option is used.  This may change in the future when the djgpp port of the
>compiler fully supports LTO.
Does that also apply to cross-compilers (which have no trouble dealing with long file names)? Can I safely remove that line, in that case?

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