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            This is the Mini-FAQ for djgpp.     $Date: 2016/04/17 19:21:32 $
  -- This is posted weekly to the djgpp news group and mailing list. --

What is DJGPP?  DJGPP is a 32-bit C/C++/ObjC++/Ada/F95 development suite
--------------  for the MS-DOS environment, based on the GNU tools.

Full information is found in the complete (200+ page) FAQ 
	-- make sure you get the complete FAQ (see below)

How do I get DJGPP?
        (see for a complete list)
USMAIL: Contact dj AT delorie DOT com for information

More information on DJGPP
The full FAQ:  FTP: v2/ in any djgpp distribution (above)
WWW Home Page:
Newsgroup:     news:comp.os.msdos.djgpp (preferred over the mailing list)
Mailing list:  djgpp-announce@ and djgpp AT delorie DOT com
               (c.o.m.d and djgpp@ are tied together)
               Digests: djgpp-digest-daily@ and djgpp-digest-weekly@
               subscription add/drop requests to listserv@
	       mailing list problems to djgpp-request@
Mail Archives: (searchable)

To unsubscribe (substitute djgpp-announce for djgpp if desired)
	$ mail listserv AT delorie DOT com
	unsubscribe djgpp

Latest Versions (current, not including alpha/beta)

djdev-2.05 binutils-2.26r3 bash-2.05br4 bison-2.4.1r2 diffutils-3.3r3
emacs-24.05 fileutils-4.1r2 find-4.2.33r5 flex-2.5.4r2 gawk-4.1.1r2 gcc-5.3.0
gdb-7.11 gmp-6.1.0 grep-2.24 groff-1.22.3 gzip-1.7 idutils-3.2
indent-2.2.10r2 ispell-3.3.01r2 less-481 m4-1.4.17r3 make-4.1r2 mpc-1.0.3
mpfr-3.1.3 patch-2.7.5 perl-5.8.8 sed-4.2.2r2 sh-utils-2.0.11r2 tar-1.12a
texinfo-4.13r3 textutils-2.0r2 faq-2.30 pakke-0.2.3

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