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Subject: DJGPP port of GNU debugger (GDB) 7.10.1 uploaded.
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This is a port of GNU debugger (GDB) 7.10.1 to MSDOS/DJGPP.

   GDB is a source-level debugger for C, C++, Pascal, Objective-C and many
   other languages.  GDB can target (i.e., debug programs running on) more
   than a dozen different processor architectures, and GDB itself can run
   on most popular GNU/Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows variants.

   DJGPP specific changes.
   - There are no DJGPP specific user visible changes.

   - The BFD library will support 32 bit wide relocation counters for DJGPP
     as has been implemented for the latest DJGPP port of binutils.

   - The readline library has been patched according to the DJGPP port of
     readline 6.2.  The diffs-readline file documents the changes and
     is store in the /djgpp directory.

   - The DJGPP specific changes to BFD and liberty libraries are documented in
     the diffs-bfd file.  These changes are the same ones than those ones used
     by the binutils port.  The diffs file documents the DJGPP specific changes
     to gdb excluding those to the readline, liberty and bfd libraries.  The
     diffs-bugs file documents fixes of bugs found during the porting process.
     If the fixes do find their way into the official release then the file
     will be removed for the next port release.  All these files are located
     in the /djgpp directory.  If you want to apply them to the original sources,
     diffs-readline, diffs and diffs-bfd must be apllied first (in any order)
     and diffs-bugs always as last one.

   - The config.sub script has been adjusted in such a way that it returns
     the same ID string than config.guess does.  This ensures that all DJGPP
     versions are well recognized allowing to compile a working DJGPP port of
     GDB using djdev203 or djdev205.

   - The gdb/configure script has been adjusted to also check for pdcurses.
     This is necessary to be able to compile a GDB version with TUI support.

   - I have added the complete /bfdsymify directory from the last GDB port.
     Only the Makefile has been adjusted to work with this new version.

   - The port of GDB has been compiled with TUI support disabled.  If you
     prefer a build with TUI support enabled you will have to uncomment the
     line BUILD_WITH_TUI_SUPPORT=yes in /djgpp/
     You can start the TUI mode with the "-tui" flag or it will start without
     using the TUI interface.

   - The original distribution comes with DJGPP support files.  I have not used
     them so I do not know if the DJGPP support is really up to date.

   - To configure and compile the sources the way I have done it, cd into the
     /djgpp directory and start the script.  It accepts no parameters
     so you will have to edit manually to adjust it to your preferences.
     It configures and compiles the sources to build in the /djgpp directory
     and not in the top source directory.

   - To enable NLS support, you must uncomment the NLS_SUPPORT='--enable-nls'
     line in the file.

   - The port has been configured and compiled on WinXP SP3.  There is no
     guarantee that this may be possible with any other DOS-like OS.  Due
     to the massive use of long file names it will not be possible to configure
     and compile without LFN support.

   - The DJGPP 2.05 version has been compiled using gcc530 and bnu225br2.

   As usual, all djgpp specific files (, diffs, README files, etc.)
   are stored in the /djgpp directory.  The sources have not been configured
   so you must change into the /djgpp directory and start  This will
   configure the sources and start make.

   For further information about GDB please read the info docs and NEWS file.

   The port consists of the usual three packages produced using djdev205
   that can be downloaded from and mirrors as (time tamp 2016-01-10):

     GNU debugger 7.10.1 binary and info format documentation:

     GNU debugger 7.10.1 bfd, liberty and opcode libraries and headers:

     GNU debugger 7.10.1 dvi, html, ps and pdf format documentation:

     GNU debugger 7.10.1 source:

   Send GDB specific bug reports to <bug-gdb AT gnu DOT org>.
   Send suggestions and bug reports concerning the DJGPP port to
   comp.os.msdos.djgpp or <djgpp AT delorie DOT com>.


         Guerrero, Juan Manuel <juan DOT guerrero AT gmx DOT de>

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