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Subject: DJGPP v2.05 and Windows 10
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Did some additional tests on WIndows 10.

I'm getting random compile failures with gcc-4.9.3, gcc4.5.2 and gcc 6.0.0 20151018 experimental 
(last development version I built for DJGPP).

echo '#include <iostream>" | gcc -E -dD -x c++ -

in loop and comparing outputs is sufficient for detecting random corruption. I have not succeeded 
to find why it happens and how to workaround that.
Additionally I'm also getting random failures when trying to repeatedly compile same preprocessed 
C++ file.

The situation is however not completely hopeless:
Installed gcc-3.4.6 and bootstrapped the same gcc version (3.4.6) without problems under Windows 
10. No random gcc failures observed.

So some difference (or differences) between gcc-3.4.6 and recent version cause problems.
Some suspects:
- change to C++ as implementation language
- noticeable increase of size of executables and resources required by them


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