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Subject: Re: Pretest version 24.3.91 of GNU Emacs is available
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Am 12.05.2014 17:04, schrieb Eli Zaretskii:
> The 2nd pretest 24.3.91 of the upcoming Emacs v24.4 was released
> today.  It is supposed to compile out of the box with DJGPP; it did
> for me.  (The DJGPP build of the previous pretest was broken.)  The
> tarball can be downloaded from here:
> I'd appreciate if people could build and test this on any environment
> that supports DJGPP.  I myself can only build and test on Windows XP,
> and even there the testing I did was very short and superficial.
> A few caveats:
>    . This might not build on plain DOS due to file-name clashes.
>      Sorry, I could no longer fight half the world and their dog to
>      keep the tree doschk-compatible.  If you see any problems related
>      to that, or to plain DOS in general, please report them, and I
>      will try to fix them as best I can.
>    . I only built this with DJGPP 2.03.  I did try to keep the sources
>      compatible with 2.04, but I never tested the results.  Feedback
>      and any fixes needed to build with 2.04 will be appreciated.
>    . I used GCC 3.4.4 and Binutils 2.19 to build Emacs.  DJGPP Emacs
>      uses COFF debug info, so if newer GCC/Binutils don't support that
>      well, you might have trouble.  Latest GDB versions built for DJGPP
>      also have problems with COFF debug info, AFAIR.
> If you find bugs, you can report them by sending email to
> bug-gnu-emacs AT gnu DOT org.  It is best to compose the bug report using the
> "M-x report-emacs-bug" Emacs command, since it will collect the
> necessary system-wide and configuration information, and format the
> report as Emacs maintainers want to see it.  Then copy-paste the text
> to your email client, or save it to a file and then import from the
> email client, and send it to bug-gnu-emacs AT gnu DOT org.  The Emacs bug
> tracker, which monitors that address will create a bug report from it,
> and you can see it and track its progress at
> Thanks in advance for testing and any feedback.

Please note that I am not an user of emacs, so I cannot seriously test it.
I was able to build it out-of-the-box on WinXP, Win2K, Win98SE and MSDOS 6.22
with DOSLFN 0.41c.  I have used DJGPP 2.04 on all OS.  No DJGPP 2.03 builds
nor checks at all.  All programs used are from the /beta directory.
I have used gcc490 and bnu224r2 only.  I am aware that this combination does
not support COFF debug format, but I was not interested in debugging emacs.
I compiled the sources using djdev204 from /beta directory and I compiled
it a second time using a fresh compiled libc.a from the repository after
having applied the nmalloc patch used by Andris to compile gcc.
On all OS, it was possible to compile the sources and all binaries worked as
far as I can tell.  The fastest and easiest way to compile emacs is to use
WinXP.  Here mouse support works in emacs.  This is not the case in Win2K.
Mouse support also works on MSDOS.  I have tested it by navigating through the
different help pages and by opening and creating files, modifying their content
and copy-and-pasting the content between different open files and saving/closing
them.  Also some tools work, like the calculator and the calender.
I have wrote a little "hello world" program using emacs and then I compiled it
by calling gcc from emacs.  This also works, but it seems not possible to debug
the program starting gdb from emacs.  I always get an error message like this:
   Symbol's function definition is void: start-process
But I am not an emacs user, so I do not know if the DJGPP port of gdb-7.7.1 can
be used together with emacs at all.  I do not know if debugging from inside the
DJGPP port of emacs has ever been possible.  I am also a little bit surprised
that a tool like grep seems not to work.  I get the result that grep finds no
file containing the string, although it exists and it contains the string
searched for.  This means that either grep is not start in the correct form or
grep's return code is not passed to emacs, or not understood by emacs.  This is
independent of the OS used to compile and run the binary.

The bottom line is that I have experienced no difficulties building emacs using
the set of programs from the /beta directory and that it is possible to compile
it using both versions of libc.a, the one provided by djdev204 and the other
compiled from CVS repository.  But the test is certainly not really a serious

Juan M. Guerrero

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