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On Tue, 13 May 2014 22:28:04 -0400, Charles Sandmann  
<cwsdpmi AT earthlink DOT net> wrote:

> Morten Welinder did lots of test development, and was working on
> the replacement for CWSDPMI to be built with all FSF tools (he
> needed full test cases to verify functionality).

MWDPMI.  I just learned of it yesterday.  It seems the source is
only in CVS, which is not somewhere I would've considered looking.
(It was mentioned in a post by Rugxulo.)

I'm sure you've probably answered this before, but why was a
replacement for CWSDPMI planned originally?

> So no secret documents, but I don't think I have looked at (or for)
> that type of documentation for at least 17 years or so.

Well, it might be useful to someone, perhaps me.  Some of my current
issues are:

1) determining which DPMI hosts work with DJGPP
2) detecting which DPMI host, if 0x401 is not supported
3) determining which DPMI hosts are "nestable", re-entrant, etc.
4) determining if real-mode is in effect, or which emulation is
     in effect (Windows 98/SE, DOSBox, dosemu), if not
5) detecting Windows 98/SE, i.e., differentiating from other Windows

I'm hoping to test another four DPMI hosts soon which are purported
to work with DJGPP and add a bit more information to the "What other
DPMI hosts work with DJGPP" thread on 4/7/2014.  I also found an old
post in djgpp-workers list from Eli on 0x401 results for Windows and
other DPMI hosts, but it didn't actually list the DPMI vendor strings.
Unfortunately, it seems the djgpp-workers list is not archived as
Usenet posts, unlike this group.  It would be nice to have had a list
of results for Int 0x2f calls used to detect different Windows versions.

> About 3 people had any interest beyond "does it work?"


Yes, I've noticed that even with decades worth of Usenet archives,
Google and Yahoo, when I search for information on certain topics,
I only seem to come across my own posts querying for information ...
It's not just on DJGPP topics either.

Rod Pemberton

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