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Subject: Re: What other DPMI hosts work with DJGPP?
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On Mon, 07 Apr 2014 05:30:40 -0400, Rod Pemberton  
<dont_use_email AT xnothavet DOT cqm> wrote:

> DJGPP works with the DPMI hosts CWSDPMI, CWSDPR0, and PMODEDJ.
> I have a small app that won't work with PMODEDJ since PMODEDJ
> doesn't support nested DPMI applications.  FYI, nesting is
> when one DPMI program spawns a child program that uses DPMI
> too.  The DPMI host has to be designed to support this or it's
> memory regions and/or descriptor tables will become corrupted.
> Or, the nesting may deplete available stack space, etc.
> So, I have code to prevent the app from starting when CWSDPMI
> or CWSDPR0 is *not* the DPMI client.  This is to just prevent
> PMODEDJ.  But, I really don't want to prevent the app from
> working with other DJGPP compatible DPMI hosts.  So, I'm
> trying to find out if I should allow any other clients and
> just which clients they are.
> Are you familiar with using any of these DPMI hosts with DJGPP?
>   CAUSEWAY by Michael Devore
>   DPMIONE by Bob Smith
>   HDPMI by Japheth
>   QDPMI by Quarterdeck
>   D3X by Daniel Borca
> If so, which seem to reliably work with DJGPP?
> E.g., D3X is supposed to work with DJGPP and DPMIONE should
> support everything needed by DJGPP.
> Do you know if the DPMI host supports nested DPMI applications?
> E.g., DPMIONE and HDPMI are both supposed to have support for
> nested DPMI applications.
> What about any others you may be familiar with?  E.g.,
>   DOS/32A by Narech Koumar
>   DOS32 by Adam Seychell
>   WDOSX by Michael Tippach
> Etc.

To everyone, since responses were not forthcoming, I did do some
research on my own that someone now or perhaps in the future might
be interested in.  These clients (seem to) work with DJGPP.  The
first column is Y/N indicating whether the DPMI client is nestable
(Y) or not (N). The next three columns are the major, minor, and
flag values as returned from DPMI 0400H.  The next two values, if
present, are the major and minor values from DPMI 0401H.  The name,
if present, is returned by DPMI 0401H.

   CWSDPMIv5 Y 0 90 5  5 5  CWSDPMI
   CWSDPR0   Y 0 90 5  5 5  CWSDPMI
   CWSDPMIv7 Y 0 90 5  7 7  CWSDPMI
   PMODEDJ   N 0 90 3
   D3X       N 0 90 1
   HDPMI32   Y 0 90 3  3 3  HDPMI
   DPMIONE   Y 1  0 5  0 0  DPMIONE
   WDOSX     N 0  9 3
   Windows SE  Y 0 90 13

Some of those work with STUBEDIT, but others must be specially
stubbed, while others load only from the command line, or the OS, etc.

Only Japheth's 32-bit HDPMI32 client (as expected) works with DJGPP:
   HDPMI16   (16-bit DPMI client not detected by DJGPP stub)

The following don't work with DJGPP, or I couldn't figure out how
to make them work: QDPMI, CAUSEWAY, DOS32, DOS32/A.

I have other DPMI clients I didn't attempt to test since I couldn't
find any indication they would or could work with DJGPP.  If anyone
would like another client tested, and provide a link to it, in case I
don't already have it, I'll test it, if you speak up quickly.  Also,
if I missed one of the common clients used with DJGPP, pleas say so.

Rod Pemberton

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