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On Tue, 08 Apr 2014 04:25:46 -0400, Martin Str|mberg  
<ams AT dexter DOT ludd DOT luth DOT se> wrote:
> In comp.os.msdos.djgpp Rod Pemberton <dont_use_email AT xnothavet DOT cqm>  
> wrote:

>> So, I have code to prevent the app from starting when CWSDPMI
>> or CWSDPR0 is *not* the DPMI client.  This is to just prevent
>> PMODEDJ.  But, I really don't want to prevent the app from
>> working with other DJGPP compatible DPMI hosts.  So, I'm
>> trying to find out if I should allow any other clients and
>> just which clients they are.
> Hmm... Why not use a blacklist in stead of a whitelist?
> Then if somebody says SOME_DPMI_SERVER doesn't work, you add
> that one to the blacklist?

Sorry for the delay, I really wasn't quite sure how to reply to
this.  There are *SO* many issues and aspects.  If I hadn't
waited, I would've had like ten different replies ...

Information provided from the DPMI client about the DPMI client
is somewhat limited, more so for pure DPMI 0.9 clients.

DPMI 1.0 clients or DPMI 0.9 clients which support DPMI 0401H
"Get DPMI Capabilities" return the name of the client and so
they're easily identified.  But, DPMI 0.9 only clients aren't
so easily identified.  They only support DPMI 0400H "Get DPMI
Version" which returns version numbers, but not the name of the

So, I'm doing the best I can with what I can determine from DPMI
calls.  Personally, I have no real preference either way as to
a blacklist or whitelist.  I just like to prevent PMODEDJ (and
other common non-nestable clients), while allowing nestable clients.

Rod Pemberton

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