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> Most 32bit Windows programs won't run on Windows 7 in 64bit mode too.

I have found that all of the 32-bit Windows programs that I cared about
worked on 64-bit Windows, but YMMV.

> GCC supports 64bit on Linux. So all that needs to done is that Charles
> Sandmann quickly writes a 64bit DOS extender and DJ Delorie ports GCC
> 64bit to DOS. ;-))

DJGPP is one of the coolest free software efforts I ever worked on, and I
still continue to use some DJGPP images every day on XP/Vista-32/Win7-32

But as DJ noted elsewhere, I always viewed DJGPP as a tool to enable me to
solve problems.  At the time of it's development (and enhancement to
support MS Windows) it provided an environment that allowed many of us
to do things that couldn't be done easily anywhere.  Still today people are 
it for various hardware testing and embedded systems.

Today I have many free 32-bit and 64-bit compilers and environments, so the
payback on developing another one would be difficult to justify.  There are
features in the DJGPP environment that are either missing or horribly clunky
in other environments.  So far the limitations haven't been enough to get me
to invest the time to update all my old DJGPP images, or give up all my 
systems, or get 100% of everything working exactly as desired on Win64.
Maybe the better question is here is what is so broken in the other free
compilers that can't be fixed?  How many people are using command shells
on their smartphones?

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