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"Rugxulo" <rugxulo AT gmail DOT com> wrote in message
news:498206db-9572-439b-b022-e09c1c7f0a85 AT d33g2000yqa DOT googlegroups DOT com...

> > > The last three times I tried Cygwin, it had a monstrous
> > > installer that had to use Windows, etc.
> > I think you might want to think again about whose work you're
> > calling "monstrous" there.
> IIRC, only the first version of that installer was written by DJ.

Well, I started to ask who you were talking about, then decided against it.
Well, thanks Rugxulo.

Given the monstrous state of the Cygwin installer when I used it, as in
size, complexity, "millions" of packages to chose from with zero information
about them, unable to select/unselect the or change the version you want,
forced updating, lost in numerous columns of stupid check boxes, I'd suspect
that DJ would've rather not been mentioned ...   :-(

Rod Pemberton

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