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Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 08:24:51 +0300
From: Andris Pavenis <andris DOT pavenis AT iki DOT fi>
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: DJGPP port of GCC-4.7.0
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This is announcement of DJGPP port of GCC-4.7.0

GCC used to stand for the GNU C Compiler, but since the
compiler supports several other languages aside from C,
it now stands for the GNU Compiler Collection.

Warning: DJGPP port of binutils-2.17 or newer is required.
          It is however recommended to use binutils-2.22
          or newer when using DJGPP port of gcc-4.7.0.

Use of DJGPP port of binutils-2.22 or newer is required for building
gcc-4.7.0 for DJGPP.

Build for current stable version of DJGPP (djdev203 patchlevel 2) is
available from:
and mirror sites (see    GNU Fortan 95 compiler 4.7.0 for DJGPP V2     GNU GCC 4.7.0 for DJGPP V2     GNU GCC 4.7.0 sources for DJGPP     GNU C++ Compiler 4.7.0 for DJGPP V2    GNU Objective C and Objective C++ compiler and
                  runtime libraries v4.7.0     Documentation for GNU Ada compiler (note that only
     cross-compiler RPM package is available, but not native compiler
     for DJGPP)    Documentation for GNU Fortran compiler     Documentation for GNU C compiler

gcc470.README DJGPP specific readme file
     (it is identical with file gnu/gcc-4.70/readme.DJGPP in archives

Binaries are built and tested mostly under Windows Vista Business (SP2)
Build for development version of DJGPP (CVS version of djdev204) is
available from

Binaries for djdev204 may not work with djdev203r2 (at least
C++ compiler).

Binaries for djdev203 may probably work also with djdev204 CVS
versions, but also such use is not recommended.

Source RPMS needed for building Linux to DJGPP cross-compiler

I myself have tested binary RPMs on
- CentOS 5.8 ix86 (really in chroot under Fedora 16 x86_64)
- Fedora 16 x86_64 only
They are built under CentOS 5.8, and linked statically with GMP-5.0.2,
MPFR-3.1.0 and MPC-0.9 to avoid unnecessary dependencies and increase
compatibility with other Linux distributions. For example they are
expected to work without problems in recent Fedora versions
(both i686 and  x86_64) is no more provided as patching GCC using DJGPP tools
has not been tested and even attempted by me for a long time.
DJGPP source file is a side product of building
gcc-4.7.0 Linux to DJGPP cross-compiler RPM packages. See source
RPM for patches applied to original FSF version of GCC-4.7.0.
You can find the same contents in the file

Cross-compiler SRPM:

Cross-compiler binary RPMs (built under CentOS 5.3 i386, tested also under Fedora 11 x86_64):

     GNU C compiler:

     GNU C++ compiler:

     GNU Ada compiler (note that native compiler is not available at this moment):

     GNU Fortran compiler:

     GNU Objective C and Objective C++ compilers:

     Tools for GCC 4.7.0 (currently only fixincl):

     Info files of GCC-4.7.0 (a separate RPM file as these files are expected to
     conflict with system compiler info files, but You do not need to install them...):

You need also cross binutils:

You need also DJGPP development libraries, include files and some tools (eg. stubify)
      (2012/05/07 CVS version)


for more information about GCC-4.7.0 and about changes in comparison
with earlier versions

Also see file gnu/gcc-4.70/readme.DJGPP (from and or for more
information about this port.

There is also my web page about DJGPP port of GCC

I cannot promise however, that I'll update it very often.
However new versions may appear there earlier (including ones not available

Andris Pavenis <andris DOT pavenis AT iki DOT fi>

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