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On 19.05.2012 14:22, Rod Pemberton wrote:

> I was glossing over it ...  DJGPP needs a purpose.
> I was noting that DJGPP could move on from DOS to Windows "console"-only
> applications.

As new purposes go, that one's way old.  MinGW and Cygwin don't really 
need re-inventing.

> It would require a rewrite of the custom DOS C library DJGPP uses,
> which could possibly be huge or not.

In other words, it would require a rewrite of basically everything that 
makes it DJGPP.

> The last three times I tried Cygwin, it had a monstrous installer
> that had to use Windows, etc.

I think you might want to think again about whose work you're calling 
"monstrous" there.

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