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> From: "Rod Pemberton" <do_not_have AT notemailntt DOT cmm>
> Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 08:22:51 -0400
> "Rugxulo" <rugxulo AT gmail DOT com> wrote in message
> news:f2041f3a-3eb3-4fbe-afc1-c4245314b211 AT r3g2000yqh DOT googlegroups DOT com...
> > On May 18, 8:57 pm, "Rod Pemberton" <do_not_h DOT  DOT  DOT  AT notemailntt DOT cmm>
> > wrote:
> ...
> > > DJGPP produces an 32-bit executable in COFF and then stubs it with a
> > > 16-bit stub. So, the 32-bit executable should be able to run in whatever
> > > "console" window is still available in Windows with a working loader
> > > (COFF) or the correct executable format (PE ... ?).
> >
> > No. The BIOS and DOS APIs, not to mention DPMI, are required. I know
> > you already know this. But Win64 lacks all of those.  [...]
> I was glossing over it ...  DJGPP needs a purpose.
> I was noting that DJGPP could move on from DOS to Windows "console"-only
> applications.  It would give the DJGPP project some purpose.  The Windows
> "console" still appears to be a useful platform for CLI programs on Windows.
> "Console" applications aren't DOS, but that's where many DJGPP users are
> currently using DJGPP.  I think the developer's here know that.  It would
> require a rewrite of the custom DOS C library DJGPP uses, which could
> possibly be huge or not.  Or, it could require GLIBC etc to be
> ported

FYI: glibc is a much larger library than the DJGPP library.  And large
parts of it cannot be easily ported to native Windows, because they
are too Posix-centric.  So porting it to Windows is a much larger job
than porting the DJGPP library.

Btw, an old version of glibc was ported to Windows, you can find it on
the net.  But that port left quite a few functions unimplemented.

> I'd assume that Cygwin uses a GLIBC port

It doesn't.  It uses newlib, a different library.

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