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On May 18, 8:59pm, "Rod Pemberton" <do_not_h DOT  DOT  DOT  AT notemailntt DOT cmm>
> "Rugxulo" <rugx DOT  DOT  DOT  AT gmail DOT com> wrote in message
> news:9ef90c14-7c8b-4229-87aa-eeced2556395 AT ec4g2000vbb DOT googlegroups DOT com...
> > Strange to say, but our best bet may indeed be piggybacking atop
> > a lean TtyLinux with DOSEMU. At least DOSEMU with DJGPP
> > works fast on either 32-bit or 64-bit.
> Windows 98/SE provided DPMI support to Windows "console" applications.

Right, that was part of the advantage of DPMI.

> IIRC, I've seen attempts at DPMI with Linux, perhaps that was LRMI ... ?

LRMI hasn't been (mostly) updated since 2005 (with a tiny CVS patch in
2008). It's the same dude (Josh Vanderhoof) who once wrote the Cross-
ELF minimal toolset for DJGPP (and Linux and Win32). Dunno, seems more
like just an easier way to call the (v)BIOS, perhaps meant moreso for
gfx mode stuff, dunno.

> Do you know if there is a DPMI host designed specifically to work with DOSEMU
> and Linux? If there was a Linux DPMI host for DOSEMU, then it should be
> faster or better than a DOS based DPMI host under DOSEMU on Linux.

DOSEMU only uses its own built-in DPMI host, so you don't have a
choice. It seems to work fine, but it's not fully DPMI 1.0 compatible
(not that most are either), though it does support the undocumented
extended int 21h API also. Faster or better depends on a lot of
things, but it's pretty good (though you might have to increase
available DPMI RAM to it, default is too low).

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