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"Rugxulo" <rugxulo AT gmail DOT com> wrote in message
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> 64-bit is a whole other can of worms because, as mentioned, it lacks
> direct support for 16-bit stuff.

Do we need 16-bit stuff though for 64-bits?

We need 16-bit stuff for  *DOS*...  Win7 64-bit still has console windows,

DJGPP produces an 32-bit executable in COFF and then stubs it with a 16-bit
stub.  So, the 32-bit executable should be able to run in whatever "console"
window is still available in Windows with a working loader (COFF) or the
correct executable format (PE ... ?).  If DJGPP produced a 64-bit
executable, with the proper stub or loader, it should be able to execute
64-bits.  However, then DJGPP is moving into Cygwin or Mingw Windows C
compiler territory, away from DOS and Windows "console" ...

Rod Pemberton

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