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On May 18, 8:08pm, Ster DOT  DOT  DOT  AT aol DOT com wrote:
> is 64 bit the end or do you think we will get 256 ?
> and maybe completely different incompatible processors !?

I think there are already processors available which use more than
64bit - but not from Intel I guess.

One of the reasons for 64bit is that you can address more than 4GB of

The previous processors like 386 provided a VM86 mode to support the
use of several 16bit applications while in 32bit mode. This is what
the Windows XP command window is based on and makes it work so well.
The 64bit processor comes without VM386 mode. So when Windows switches
to 64bit mode it has no way to run a command window in VM386 or VM86
mode. This has to be emulated in software completely and that is
provided by e.g. VirtualPC.

A 64bit processor will usually boot in 16bit mode. So if you boot from
a CD with DOS and have a FAT32 partition on your hard disk you can
work in real mode DOS.


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