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You could buy a PC without operating system and then install Linux
from a DVD.

Most 32bit Windows programs won't run on Windows 7 in 64bit mode too.
The suggested way to run these is MS Virtual PC (free) or some other
emulation like Oracle Virtual Box, VMWare, Qemu etc.

At the office I had to get a Windows 7 PC and they installed Virtual
PC for all my old applications (Ami Pro ;-). However, Virtual PC is
very slow and crashes as soon as the Windows 7 screensaver starts. I
should have insisted on a Windows XP PC. But they needed to run an up-
to-date virus scanner and that would not be available for Windows XP
in the future.

GCC supports 64bit on Linux. So all that needs to done is that Charles
Sandmann quickly writes a 64bit DOS extender and DJ Delorie ports GCC
64bit to DOS. ;-))


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