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On 11/05/2012 22:07, Georg wrote:
> Thank you Jason! I assume I could also write the line to execute into
> an environment variable [setenv("doit", "notepad", 1);] and call that

No, that won't work, as the environment is local to the process - once
your manager exits, the variable is lost.  Your manager has to write
the actual batch file.  Let's say your manager is called "manager.exe",
you start it with "go.bat" and the program to run is "run.bat".

@echo off
::start the file manager
::if the manager didn't create a file, it exited
if not exist run.bat goto eof
call run.bat
del run.bat
::run the manager again, but let it know it's returning from a program
manager -restart
goto loop

::whatever program was selected by the manager
::one problem with this technique is having to take care of arguments
::in particular, you have to double up percent signs


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