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From: Juan Manuel Guerrero <juan DOT guerrero AT gmx DOT de>
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: release 3 of DJGPP port of GNU Diffutils 3.2 uploaded.
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 00:41:10 +0200

This is release 3 of the port of GNU Diffutils version 3.2 to MSDOS/DJGPP.

  Diffutils are a collection of programs for finding differences
  between files:

    * diff  -- displays differences between 2 files line by line;

    * diff3 -- displays differences between 3 files (usually, 2 files
               and their common ancestor);

    * sdiff -- displays differences between 2 files side by side, and
               allows to merge between them interactively;

    * cmp   -- displays differences between 2 binary files byte by byte.

  The documentation of the package includes, in addition to the four
  programs mentioned above, also the manual for the Patch utility.

  DJGPP specific changes.

  - This port fixes another bug in cmp.exe and diff.exe concerning the handling
    of binary and text mode when opening files.  For more details see thread:
    Thanks again to Eli Zaretskii for calling my attention to this issue and
    for providing a patch to fix the bug.
    Because the old port was brocken I have removed it.

  - The testsuite also has been fixed.  All diffutils specific test must pass.
    As usual some of the gnulib tests will fail.

  - To be able to build this port you will need to have LFN support.

  As usual, all djgpp specific files (config.bat, diffs, README files, etc.)
  are located in the /djgpp directory.

  The source package is now distributed configured for both DJGPP 2.03 and
  DJGPP 2.04.  In the top srcdir there is a "_build.203" directory and a
  "_build.204" directory.

  Please also note that there is a /ms directory that contains files that are
  part of the official FSF diffutils distribution.  I have inspected those files
  but I have never used them nor I have plans to change this in the future.
  Due to the massive use of gnulib code it is no longer possible to compile the
  official FSF distribution out-of-the-box.  So I will neither try to use those
  files nor to keep them up to date.  I will only use my own ones.  If someone
  else would like to keep those files up to date it will be OK with me.

  For further information about GNU diffutils please read the info docs and
  NEWS file.

  The port has been compiled using stock djdev203 (patchlevel 2) and consists
  of the usual three packages that can be downloaded from and
  mirrors as (timestamp 2012-05-13):

    GNU Diffutils 3.2 binary, info and man format documentation:

    GNU Diffutils 3.2 dvi, html and ps format documentation:

    GNU Diffutils 3.2 source:

  The binaries have been produced a second time using the stock version of
  djdev204 beta library.  This package is available at and
  mirrors as (timestamp 2012-05-13):

    GNU Diffutils 3.2 binary, info and man format documentation:

  Send Diffutils specific bug reports to <bug-diffutils AT gnu DOT org>.
  Send suggestions and bug reports concerning the DJGPP port
  to comp.os.msdos.djgpp or <djgpp AT delorie DOT com>.


      Guerrero, Juan Manuel <juan DOT guerrero AT gmx DOT de>

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