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On 9/05/2012 16:23, Georg wrote:
> As Rugxulo suggests in this case I probably better make an assembler
> TSR which loads the filemanager and runs the selected program after
> the filemanager has terminated. When that has terminated the
> filemanager is loaded again. I just would like to save this load/
> unload since the filemanager will probably be about 1.5 MB after UPX.

No need for a TSR, use batch files.  Start your manager via a batch
file.  The manager creates another batch file to run the selected
program, then exits.  The initial batch file detects the created
batch file exists, and runs it, then restarts the manager; if the
batch file doesn't exist, the manager itself has exited.  That leaves
*all* your memory available, with no compatibility issues.


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