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On 05.05.2012 08:01, Georg wrote:
> "FILE *freopen(const char *filename, const char *mode, FILE *file);
> Description
> This function closes file if it was open, then opens a new file like
> fopen(filename, mode) (see section fopen) but it reuses file."
> I read this description that the third parameter of freopen is closed,
> in my example it is stdout. The resulting handle is associated with
> stdout.dat and I do not see that this gets closed.

I think you overlooked that in your example, you called freopen() 
_twice_.  The first time you replaced the stdout handle by the file 
"stdout.dat", the second time you closed that and replaced stdout by a 
handle to the console.

When your example fclosed() the FILE *f returned by the first freopen(), 
you actually closed stdout itself.

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