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   I've not tried what you're asking, but I can suggest a few.

On May 4, 3:51pm, Bob Tanner <tan DOT  DOT  DOT  AT real-time DOT com> wrote:
> I'm looking for some advise regarding what scripting languages have a
> text UI that will work on FreeDOS.
> I'm partial to python but I'll work in any scripting language.

The best (only?) DJGPP port of Python is here:

> I've looked at Turbo Vision, tkinter, and fltk but none seem to be
> scripting toolkits.

SETEDIT uses his own slisp, IIRC, for scripting.

> I'm looking for a simple language so assist users in editing
> configuration files and I really don't want to step down into C or C++.
> Any advice?

The simplest scripting language seems to be Lua, and it's already been
ported by Juan:

Or you could use (Regina) REXX, e.g. Rexx/Curses, which works with

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