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Subject: iostream.h trouble
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In rhide

I am getting ERROR 22 iostream.h: no such fileor directory. Sure enough, 
though I followed download instructions
from Zip Picker, I cant find  iostream.h in any of the subfile 
directories. Where is iostream.h ?

I get same problem with iostream if I use gcc,gxx or gpp from DOS window...
I saw others struggling with this kind of problem, but solution seems to be not posted
(unless you regard reference to incomprehensible readme.1st a solution!).
Regards and Thanks
Steve Csorna

Here my program, conversion.cpp:

//conversion C->F
#include <stdio.h>
#include <iostream.h>
int main(int nNumberofArgs, char* pszArgs[])
  int nCelsius;
  cout << "Enter Celsius:";
  cin >> nCelsius;
  int nFactor;
  int nFahrenheit;
  nFahrenheit=nFactor*nCelsius/100 + 32;
  cout << "Fahrenheit is:";
  cout << nFahrenheit;

  return 0;

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