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On Nov 10, 2:10=A0pm, DJ Delorie <d DOT  DOT  DOT  AT delorie DOT com> wrote:
> If you want to continue the fine tradition of making it meet your
> needs, go ahead :-)

Well, I don't grok yacc/bison, but here's the easiest change so far.
(Now for the hard part, argh ....)

*** djasm.y	Fri Aug 29 08:33:45 2008
--- tony.y	Tue Nov 10 17:18:24 2009
*** 285,290 ****
--- 285,291 ----
    {"insb", ONEBYTE, 0x6c},
    {"insw", ONEBYTE, 0x6d},
    {"insd", TWOBYTE, 0x666d},
+   {"int3", ONEBYTE, 0xcc},
    {"into", ONEBYTE, 0xce},
    {"iret", ONEBYTE, 0xcf},
    {"iretd", TWOBYTE, 0x66cf},
*** 315,320 ****
--- 316,322 ----
    {"repne", ONEBYTE, 0xf2},
    {"repnz", ONEBYTE, 0xf2},
    {"sahf", ONEBYTE, 0x9e},
+   {"salc", ONEBYTE, 0xd6},
    {"scasb", ONEBYTE, 0xae},
    {"scasw", ONEBYTE, 0xaf},
    {"scasd", TWOBYTE, 0x66af},

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