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On Nov 9, 10:29=A0pm, DJ Delorie <d DOT  DOT  DOT  AT delorie DOT com> wrote:
> Keep in mind that both djasm and gas/.code16 were designed for very
> limited uses - in djgpp, for the stub and sbrk code and in gas for the
> linux boot sector.

Yes, but DJASM was extended quite a bit (by Bill Currie, apparently).
And I quote:

"The `djasm' compiler was to have no other purpose in life, and was
never intended to be a generic utility, until some of the developers
carried away and introduced support for many additional opcodes that
not yet been used.  As a result, `djasm' has become sufficiently
powerful to be useful for more 16-bit applications than just the DJGPP

A check of the CVS shows that it hasn't changed too too much, but it
indeed has had a few minor changes in the past few years.

Linux, however, I'm not that familiar with, but I always thought it
used dev86 (bcc, as86) for the 16-bit stuff.

"... within Linux the assembler and linker are used for bootblocks,
DOSEMU and other packages."

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