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Subject: Re: Using rename() with files still opened.
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"Juan Manuel Guerrero" <juan DOT guerrero AT gmx DOT de> wrote in message
news:16c0e74a-7e29-4444-912a-88ed19adb505 AT w40g2000yqd DOT googlegroups DOT com...
> On 30 Mai, 23:09, DJ Delorie <d DOT  DOT  DOT  AT delorie DOT com> wrote:
> > This is the way DOS works - files and their names are tightly linked;
> > whereas on Linux files and their names are only loosely linked.
> Ok, in that case I will fix the issue in sed.

Hmm, I never ever would've considered renaming a file while it was open...
I think you should report this as a bug in SED instead of fixing the DJGPP
port.  The ability to rename a file while it's still open has to be an
implementation-defined feature for Linux since the neither the ISO C spec.'s
nor the POSIX spec.'s, AFAICT, make any mention of this ability as a

Rod Pemberton

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