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Subject: possible BinUtils 2.17+ bug (a.out is stubbed, didn't use to be)
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Hey guys,
   Recently it was discovered by CWS and myself that "gcc myfile.c -o
myfile" produces myfile, myfile.exe as usual. And yet, BinUtils 2.16.1
doesn't seem to stub the "myfile" object (with the .EXE header) but
later BinUtils do. Isn't this a bug? I tried swapping out DJGPP 2.04
with 2.03p2 to see if it was STUBIFY, but nope, seems to (most likely)
be a bug in latest BinUtils 2.17 or newer (2.16.1 didn't have this
problem although DJGPP ELF's 2.16 does, oddly).

Just FYI in case anyone stumbles upon this or knows a quick fix.

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