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Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 08:39:05 +0300
From: Andris Pavenis <andris DOT pavenis AT iki DOT fi>
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Subject: Re: GCC-4.4.0
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On 05/26/2009 12:17 AM, Rugxulo wrote:
> Hi,
> On May 25, 7:56 am, Andris Pavenis<andris DOT pave DOT  DOT  DOT  AT iki DOT fi>  wrote:
>> On 05/25/2009 03:41 PM, Rugxulo wrote:>  Hi,
>>> Thanks! (Now to figure out and test the "optimize" and "target"
>>> #pragmas.)
>> Never used those.
> They're new.    :-)
>> Perhaps the best source is the documentation (archives
>> present at specified URL even if not montioned in earlier post) or gcc-help
>> mailing list if the information is not found in documentation.
> Yes, I know. I tried (and tried and tried ...). What I discovered is
> that "__attribute__((optimize(2)))" works on function prototypes
> (only), good!, but "#pragma GCC optimize" seems to be a complete no-
> op, does nothing (or else I did it wrong, searching didn't really help
> for that). Same results with unofficial MinGW GCC 4.4.0, also.
If there is no help from the documentation then You can ask in gcc-help
mailing list (search archives at first:

I myself usually avoid using constructions specific to GCC only even if
I do not use different compilers. The exception is 
which allows to have printf or scanf style argument list cheking.

>> When I tried to specify that sockets are not
>> supported, I got build errors for libada. I do not have enough time
>> for fixing that (I do not know Ada well enough either), so the help is
>> appreciated.
> I wish I could help, but I don't know Ada at all, and obviously don't
> have the skills to participate more.   :-(
The message was sent to mailing list, so maybe somebody who can and want
it will read the message. I'm afraid however that the probability of this
happening is rather small unfortunatelly.


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