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   Has anyone here ever heard of or tried Crypto++ using DJGPP (or any
other compiler, for that matter)?? It looks interesting, and the
website claims at least that 5.1 and 5.2.1 both were tested
successfully with "GCC 2.95.2 	UNIX/WIN32/BeOS/MSDOS (DJGPP 2.03)", so
I guess it used to work at least!!

"Crypto++ Library is a free C++ class library of cryptographic
schemes."   (too many to list here)

"x86, x86-64 (x64), MMX, and SSE2 assembly code for the most commonly
used algorithms, with run-time CPU feature detection and code
selection, supports GCC-style and MSVC-style inline assembly, and MASM
for x64"

Yo, Charles and Eli, it looks like CPU.CPP has some interesting
stuff:  "TrySSE2", e.g. __try and __except, on "por xmm0, xmm0",
catching SIGILL and SIG_ERR and setjmp()-ing away if not enabled
(which I don't personally grok but whatever). They seem more in love
with GCC inline asm than I am, but hey, whatever works for them. I
know it's moot since we already have another way better way (IMHO),
but you might be curious anyways.

P.S. "The License of Crypto++ is somewhat unusual amongst open source
projects. A distinction is made between the library as a compilation
(i.e., collection), which is copyrighted by Wei Dai, and the
individual files in it, which are public domain (with the exception of
mars.cpp which is subject to its own license, included in that file)."

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