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Ethan Rosenberg wrote:
> I am running DOS 7.1 [the DOS that underlies Windows98].  The
> computer does NOT have Windows installed on it.
> I have a program that had a size of 228,038 bytes and ran perfectly
> in the past.  When I added some more code, increasing the size to
> 241,134 bytes I get a SIGSEGV error when I attempt to initialize a
> variable.  The routine was scanned with Splint, which showed no
> errors. When I removed some code, it again ran perfectly.  My feeling
> is that I have overrun the boundary of the area in which the values
> of the variables, or possibly the variables themselves, are stored.
> How do I increase these area(s)?

Run win98 and run your program in its DOS box.  If its a DJGPP
program it can use all of your memory.

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