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"Ethan Rosenberg" <ethros AT earthlink DOT net> wrote in message 
news:0KJZ00EEK9DY1620 AT mta5 DOT srv DOT hcvlny DOT cv DOT net...
> "If the default stack size is not enough, you can change it with the 
> STUBEDIT program (change the parameter "Minimum amount of stack space"), 
> or by setting the global variable _stklen in your program. Example:
>  unsigned _stklen = 1048576;  /* need a 1MB stack */"
> If I wish to use _stklen, do I have to put the above statement in each 
> function, or is it sufficient to put in in main?

Just one place (such as main.c) is fine.

> PS How can I get the error dump [stderr] into a file?

Check out the redir command.  You can also use the symify
command to take the output on the screen, add symbols
and capture that in a file. 

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