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On Apr 2, 3:27=A0pm, Rugxulo <rugx DOT  DOT  DOT  AT gmail DOT com> wrote:
> Okay, so I'm curious as to what the regulars here use for text
> editing. My favorite is TDE although I've dabbled in trying out a
> billion others over the past year or two (making a personal
> checklist). Since this newsgroup is such low traffic these days, I'll
> just fill in the blanks (to the best of my knowledge) and you can
> correct me if you feel like it. =A0 ;-)

Sorry to bump this thread just to mention a Win32-only program, but it
made me laugh:

"Notepad++, a source code editor and MS Windows Notepad replacement,
has the mission to offer a greener environment. By optimizing its
routines, it results in reducing CPU power consumption then reducing
the world carbon dioxide emissions."


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