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On May 6, 6:22=A0pm, Glaux <gl DOT  DOT  DOT  AT centrum DOT cz> wrote:
> I tried most of editors mentioned here. I like Borland styled IDE so I
> still use RHIDE for DJGPP coding (and DOS Navigator for other files).
> Unfortunatelly RHIDE is dead and it's doesn't work 100% well under
> WinXP (e.g. when compile it switch to fullscreen or sometimes crashes
> or debugger don't work with new gcc) but for me it's still the best...

I think JED, GNU Emacs, FTE, TDE, VIM, etc. can all jump to GCC
compiler errors via "C-x `" (backtick) or so. JED has a Borland-ish
mode, and GNU Emacs has CUA mode. Anyways, RHIDE is internally based
upon SETEDIT, so try that if you really want.

P.S. I can't remember exactly, but I think RHIDE's GDB only works with
COFF, so you may have to compile with "-gcoff" else it prefers Dwarf.
When / if Eli finished GDB 7.0, that would make it that much easier (I
assume) for someone to update RHGDB with it, if it ever gets
resurrected. Don't hold your breath, though (but do feel free to help
him if possible).

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