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>"Rugxulo" <rugxulo AT gmail DOT com> wrote in message 
>news:d5126d62-422a-4cdd-989e-96fa0f99359a AT h23g2000vbc DOT googlegroups DOT com...
>>On May 3, 1:35 pm, "Charles Sandmann" <cwsd DOT  DOT  DOT  AT earthlink DOT net> wrote:
>> Rugxulo did convince me to update CWSDPMI to support SSE, which
>> was a good thing.

>So good that DJ never updated his server with it.   ;-)     Or maybe
>you told him to wait until you made some tweaks??

I have not submitted it yet, as I haven't done a final review.  I have
been rather busy, and it did not seem urgent.  I need to double
check the distributions. 

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