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On May 2, 5:09=A0am, Eli Zaretskii <e DOT  DOT  DOT  AT gnu DOT org> wrote:
> The last version of GDB ported to DJGPP was 6.1. =A0That was 5 years
> ago. =A0GDB 6.1 also has a couple of nasty bugs (for example, the
> `finish' command triggers an internal GDB error).

It also doesn't like "info all-regs", IIRC.

> GDB 7.0 is slated for release in early June this year, and I thought
> it would be a good idea to resurrect the DJGPP port in time for that.

Yikes, that's not too far away! You might have to wait for 7.1,

> With that in mind, I set out to build the current CVS code base, debug
> whatever problems I find, and start using it in my occasional DJGPP
> related work.

Good luck!

> I'm now past the initial configury and compilation problems, and
> working on the problems I find as I go. =A0(People who want details can
> track my progress by reading my messages posted to the
> gdb-patc DOT  DOT  DOT  AT sourceware DOT org and g DOT  DOT  DOT  AT sourceware DOT org mailing lists.)
> Most of the problems I had on my initial list are already solved, but
> a few are still pending.
> GDB 7.0 will support Python scripting, a powerful new feature. =A0To get
> that working with DJGPP, I need a working port of libpython. =A0The only
> DOS port of Python I could find was built with DJGPP v2.04, so it is
> incompatible with what I use (v2.03). =A0On top of that, there's no
> libpython.a in that port, only the binary of the Python interpreter.

Does Python need libpython built to bootstrap itself? (BTW, are you
willing to use libsupp? It might help.)

> Another set of new features in GDB 7.0 is based on libexpat, a library
> for parsing XML files. =A0I couldn't find a DJGPP port of it.

Here it is (I think) although I've never used it:

> GDB will work without these libraries, but some features will be
> unavailable in that case.

Python is quite popular, so hopefully somebody will step up to help
you with it. But I'm not familiar with it at all, sorry.

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