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From: Eli Zaretskii <eliz AT gnu DOT org>
Subject: Please help resurrecting GDB for version 7.0 release
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The last version of GDB ported to DJGPP was 6.1.  That was 5 years
ago.  GDB 6.1 also has a couple of nasty bugs (for example, the
`finish' command triggers an internal GDB error).

GDB 7.0 is slated for release in early June this year, and I thought
it would be a good idea to resurrect the DJGPP port in time for that.
With that in mind, I set out to build the current CVS code base, debug
whatever problems I find, and start using it in my occasional DJGPP
related work.

I'm now past the initial configury and compilation problems, and
working on the problems I find as I go.  (People who want details can
track my progress by reading my messages posted to the
gdb-patches AT sourceware DOT org and gdb AT sourceware DOT org mailing lists.)
Most of the problems I had on my initial list are already solved, but
a few are still pending.

GDB 7.0 will support Python scripting, a powerful new feature.  To get
that working with DJGPP, I need a working port of libpython.  The only
DOS port of Python I could find was built with DJGPP v2.04, so it is
incompatible with what I use (v2.03).  On top of that, there's no
libpython.a in that port, only the binary of the Python interpreter.

Another set of new features in GDB 7.0 is based on libexpat, a library
for parsing XML files.  I couldn't find a DJGPP port of it.

GDB will work without these libraries, but some features will be
unavailable in that case.

I could, of course, try to make the ports of these libraries myself,
but I fear that I won't have enough time to do that _and_ bring GDB
itself to speed, what with little free time I can dedicate to this

Would people please help me by finding or providing decent ports of
these two packages, libpython and libexpat, in time for GDB 7.0


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