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Robert Riebisch <Robert DOT Riebisch AT arcor DOT de> wrote in
> Please reveal more details about your DJGPP setup. Which packages are
> you using?

We use DJGPP v2.04 (I know it's beta but we need DXE3 feature!), with 
gcc/gpp 4.3.2 and gcc/gpp 3.4.4 (I noticed it's faster than 4.3.2). Also we 
use DXE 3.11 from 

PS. I say "we" in my mails becasue I write as a memer of a team at my work 
place, and I/we are working on porting application we maintain from Borland 
DPMI16 to DJGPP! I can say it generally works now but of course we still 
have some job to do and some problems to solve :)

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